I love October. Especially when it's warm and gorgeous like it has been lately. We went for a lovely family walk yesterday out at Ellenwood Park; it was the perfect day for it.

Phillip had a good night after that last post; then last night he woke up screaming "No, no, no!" but snapped out of it pretty quickly, said he didn't remember why he was saying "no", and went back to sleep. Hopefully it will pass soon. Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments!

I feel as though I've been kind of absent here on the blog. I've been busy making soap, sending out some custom orders, and the usual - cooking, cleaning, laundry, laundry, laundry, and hanging out with the fam. It's fun, and busy, and tiring. No new canning escapades to fill you in on, although I'm hoping to can another batch of ground cherry jam very soon.

Ack! I just realized that it's garbage night. I'll go peek in and see if P is asleep, then take it to the curb. Have a great week!


  1. Anonymous10/20/2010

    You're so funny...garbage panic! I'm glad to hear P seems to be getting away from the nightmares a bit now. I do hope the trend will continue!

    You're having a good busy period; that's wonderful!

  2. This is an amazing picture with the sun captured in the turning tree leaves. Simply beautiful. Glad to hear you got a chance to take time out for a family walk. The changing fall colors, sun, and crisp air are worth enjoying.


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