Whoa, Nelly. Things around here have been busy, to say the least. And it seems as though I've been doing things like roasting pumpkins and other household pleasantries after dark when the light is not lovely for pictures. Speaking of pictures...
These gorgeous canvases of the boys arrived last week! We haven't yet settled on the perfect place to hang them, but aren't they great? Adam took the pictures, and we had them printed trhough Canvas Canada in Newfoundland. He's ordered lots of pieces from them, and loves the service and quality of product. Highly recommended!

Germs have arrived in our household - poor Thomas woke up with a super runny nose this morning. Adam's getting over his version, and Phillip said that his throat is sore. Mine's a wee bit scratchy, but nothing too serious. So we're going to take it easy until we're all better.

Have a great weekend! If you need a cute fix, meet Marcel the Shell with shoes on. "Guess what I wear as a hat? A lentil."

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  1. Louisette10/12/2010

    Super sweet pictures of the boys!!


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