Happy Thanksgiving!

It is a perfect Fall day for having a delicious meal with people I love. Including this guy below, who loves to 'help' Nanny. One of the things we're having, which is one of my favourites since becoming a part of my in-laws' family, is a jello salad with pineapple, toasted pecans, and a cream cheese and whipped cream topping. It is amazing. Phillip liked the topping, as you can see,

I have some really exciting things to post this week; I hope that you have a lovely Thanksgiving if you're Canadian, and a lovely regular weekend if you're not.

P.S. This is my first post on our new iPad! I am completely smitten.


  1. Wait. Do Roger and Roxanne have a purple wall?

    And I am rather jealous of your iPad. I've had it in my head that I'll get one when my MacBook dies. We'll see if I give in before that . . .

  2. And a beaded doorway?! They have a beaded doorway! I love them more each moment.

  3. It seems so funny that you've never been here! Yes, that is a Mona Lisa beaded curtain into the pantry. The wall is red; a Martha colour I can't remember the name of. :)

  4. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you!!!...a couple days late.


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