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Happy Wednesday!

I feel as though I don't have a lot of new or exciting things to tell or show you, since so much of my time is spent micro-managing our little household and making milk. Which is still going extremely well - both boys have napped at the same time every day, T is up twice most nights, but only once the night before last, and when he's up he eats and is back to sleep pretty quickly. This baby is a dream. He is the mellowest babe imaginable - I'm envisioning him growing up, growing a great beard, living in holey jeans, Birkenstocks, and worn-out promotional t-shirts and doing something very practical (like masonry or restorative carpentry or something equally cool) with his extremely smart self. Just because I wrote that, he'll probably be a lawyer.

Speaking of people fitting that description (the jeans and such, not the lawyer bit), I finished reading Farewell My Subaru by Doug Fine yesterday - it's a fun read and worth checking out from the library. Edited to add: Here's a video teaser for you.

Mostly, though, I've been reading magazines, since my time is chopped up into little snippets, and funnily enough, so are magazines. I have been seriously enjoying my subscription to Style at Home since it began in January. The only odd thing is that I've been receiving the issues at strange and irregular times - the April issue arrived in February, about three weeks before the March one appeared. And the May one arrived during the third week of March, two weeks or so after the April one. Strange, but kind of pleasantly unpredictable. The tone of the magazine doesn't exactly scream 'me'; it takes itself too seriously, is a smidge too Toronto-centric, and is kind of out there with its $4900 chairs and such. All of those things taken into consideration, I'm still enjoying it very much, and the May issue is especially lovely.
One more magazine tidbit - if you can, get your hands on the April issue of Martha Stewart Living! A friend brought me a copy along with a gift for T, and it is one of the best (har har) issues, ever. It's definitely a keeper.

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