birthday treats

It's Adam's birthday tomorrow. His request for a 'cake' was ice cream sandwiches, made using the cookie part from this recipe. Mr T is napping after a rather wakeful night (yaaaaawn!) and Adam took P to "Timportons" (in non-Phillip speak, Tim Horton's) for a special treat, so I just whipped up the dough and it's chilling in the fridge. I think they will be delicious.
I think that eggs are beautiful. Everything about them, but especially the shells. Freckled eggshells are one of the most pleasant sights I can imagine. Although it's not the countertop of my dreams, I'm kind of starting to like the funny old-school speckled countertop in our pantry.

The first of the lily of the valley have arrived! The yard is a veritable riot of green, with lots of other bright colours on the way. I planted some lettuce the other evening, which I'm very much looking forward to eating, and once we get a load of composted soil, we'll be planting some more of our regular veggies. Yipee!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Adam. Hopefully later on in the year we'll have six eggs a day ;-)


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