4 weeks and Earth day

This is what Mr T looks like most of the time. Although sometimes he puts this face on.
Photos courtesy of Adam.

In case you might be wondering, we did keep Son #1, and we've even taken pictures of him. I just don't seem to have any of them on my memory card. And it's tricky to get decent pictures of them together, given all of the wiggling and such.

The days are flying by. By the time all of the necessary stuff gets taken care of, it seems like the day is done and it's tomorrow. I would usually post something about Earth Day and how every day should be Earth Day, but you all know that anyway, and I'm tired. I celebrated by hanging a very full clothesline and hanging out in the sun with P. As well as opening all of the windows and vacuuming the house (with help from Adam, this took place in a few stages, but it's done!) And scrubbing the insides of the window frames. Eeew.

I pseudo-made a batch of soap yesterday! I took a cold process batch I had made and wasn't thrilled with, chopped it up, and melted it in the slow cooker. It was semi-successful - believe it or not, you can burn soap in the slow cooker. Only a bit around the edges.

Okay, I'm done babbling for this evening. Happy Earth Day!


  1. oh, he is SO cute!
    I cannot believe just how fast the days have gone by either, how can my baby girl be 9 weeks old already?? how?

  2. I love the second pic! It looks like T is giving Adam the stinkeye . . . a look you'll probably see lots of when he's a teenager! :)


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