I've found all kinds of nifty things on the interwebs lately that I wanted to share - several odds and ends that I've been saving up. So get ready to open up some tabs! (Just in case you've never done tabbed browsing, just right click on the link and choose 'Open in new tab'. My favourite technological development since 2003.) Oh, and that's last year's hyacinth - I have one started in the cupboard, which will probably be blooming right around the time that Son #2 arrives.

This tree ring print is one of the most beautiful things I think I've ever seen.

Yummy-sounding natural home fragrance ideas.

Magic vanilla ice cream. Sweetened condensed milk is something I've only ever used on two occasions that I can remember, but I'm totally willing to try this out.

Great list of DIY beauty goodies (mostly scrubs).

The Lisa Hannigan kick continues. (It started about a year ago!) I just clued in that she has a blog although it's not often updated, and through Wikipedia, learned that her birthday is this week, and we're the same age. Sigh. Happy birthday!

Anyone want to knit me one of these? Or somehow magically provide me with the time and inclination to knit one? I loooooooooooooove it - wouldn't it be gorgeous in a colour like this?

Happy Monday!

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