"What? You're taking pictures of me in the tub?"
"Who's on the phone?" (It was Ingrid. No, I didn't leave P to answer the phone.)
Phillip the cross-eyed plumber.
Sending air-kisses to me.
Scooping, pouring. Scooping, pouring. Scooping, pouring.

One of my favourite parts of the day, especially during the week, is Phillip's bath time. I get home from work, Phillip has his supper, then it's to the bath, and then he's ready for bed. We have our fun play time in the tub, and P's always goofy. Tonight I thought ahead and took the camera with me. Hope you had fun joining us.

I'm lucky enough to have both of my handsome guys home all of this long weekend, so I won't be posting for a few days as we celebrate Thanksgiving. We're looking forward to a lovely local turkey and farmer's market veggie dinner on Sunday with friends. Have a wonderful fall weekend, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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