p likes peanut butter

So, Phillip likes peanut butter. A lot. I have been giving him tiny bits on crackers and making little sandwiches, so it's not too messy when he's eating. Tonight he figured out how to open up said sandwiches and lick the peanut butter off. And rub it through his hair.
And I bought a pair of new shoes today! Holy white feet and weeds in the pic, Batman. P kind of needed some new shoes, and there was a 'buy one, get one half price' sale, and I saw these cuties. So now I have some decent work shoes to replace my flip flops. P liked his new kicks so much that we went for a real walk together (he was upright, not in the stroller) when I got home from work. A "wok, wok". To the "bok". The "may bok" (mail box). To mail some "pay-peh" (=paper=letters). It was so nice. P toddling along on the sidewalk, occasionally looking down and saying "sooos, soooes," and holding my hand. Sigh. I'm in love.

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