phillip videos and upcoming craft fair

Here's one of the things I captured while trying to get a clip of Phillip walking. He's saying 'choo choo' (in his silly voice) in response to the question 'What sound does a train make?'

And here are a few steps! He can and will take more than this, he just wouldn't when I was trying to record it, of course. Annie was here, and he's saying her name, "Nee."

And mark this on your calendars, folks! The 8th annual Christmas Craft Fair, put on by Tooie's Country Crafts, will be held at the Grand Hotel on Main Street here in Yarmouth on October 25th and 26th. That's just a few short weeks away! And I will be there with bells on, soap in hand, and hopefully my snazzy new vendor's apron I ordered last night on Etsy. Now if that isn't an image which entices you to attend, I don't know what is. I will be selling not only my usual fine 'regular' soaps, but my cake soaps are being reserved especially for this craft fair. You must come out and see the cakes for yourself - the frosted chocolate one smells like chocolate heaven. "Exactly like my mother's chocolate birthday cake," someone told me last night. And there are other cake scents waiting in the wings, too - spicy and warm and as-of-yet-unnamed wonderful coffee cake-y scents. I will also have a variety of fizzing milk baths for your sniffing and bathing pleasure. So please, come on out!

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