scrape, scrape, scrape

A photo-less post? I know, it's bizarre. We're tackling a few projects this week while the sun is out and Adam has a few days off from work. One of which is scraping and touching up some of the exterior paint on our house. Adam spent a good part of the day scraping, while I only spent a short while. Progress has most definitely been made, and it will look so much better when it's done. And bonus - we got high quality paint for a buy one, get one free deal. Excellent. There are all sorts of other house-y projects which will hopefully be done in the semi-near future, making for short term chaos. All in the name of progress.

P.S. Anyone know how to replace random shingles? Or shakes, as some folks refer to them?

P.P.S. The tomatoes are looking FANTASTIC. (That definitely needed to be in caps.)

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