it's high time for some new Frenchy's finds

My favourite picture of today's finds - beautiful wooden bowls for Phillip to play with and eat from and throw on the floor with gusto.
My mom and I went 'up the line' (Clare area) to do a bit of Frenchy's shopping today. At the first Frenchy's we went to, Phillip found and fell in love with a toy piano. So his Grandmere bought that for him, and I hunted around in a bin for more pieces of a Melissa and Doug stacking train, of which I had found two pieces. They weren't to be found at that Frenchy's, but at the next one we went to, I found a giant bag with not only the train, but the pull-along zoo animals and a bazillion others, too. For $4.5o. Excellent! Here are the rest (pardon the dreadful picture, but I paused my blog-writing to take it so you could see what excitment this warrants):
A good scrub and we'll be good to go. I also found some other goodies, like this gorgeous purple mirror with a creepy pixie-vixen sticker on it. Really, though, the frame is hardwood and has such a beautiful shape and is in excellent condition (it's just ugly) and the mirror is perfect. A good scrub and a coat of paint (the pixie-vixen's already gone) and I'll post another picture.

These cute tiny chalkboards were 50 cents each, and I'm going to use them at upcoming craft fairs! Good idea, eh?

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