rain, rain, go away

It's been overcast, foggy, and/or cloudy for what feels like forever. Today, it poured, which was a welcome break - at least the weather was doing something and not just threatening to! I went outside this evening for a few minutes, and it was spectacular - the skies had cleared, and there was a gorgeous glow from the west which warmed the light on everything in the backyard. I picked a few straggling raspberries, checked out our blooming echinacea, and admired my sprouting lettuce. It was perfect.

I know I've mentioned it already, but I'm having a summer sale at my Etsy shop! There are bars for as little as $1.50. Less, even, if you snag one of my odds and ends batches of imperfect bars. Anyhoo, have a peek. I'm cleaning up and clearing out! We're going to be doing a bit of rearranging in the house, and my soap stuff will have a new space! Very exciting.

I have the feeling that *in a very, very, low whisper* summer is winding down. I don't wear a watch from the last day of school through the first one of the next, and easily lose track of days. But I looked at the calendar today, and it's mid-August. Part of me is looking forward to another school year, the change in routine, the smell of wood smoke in the fall, and wearing sweaters. But part of me wants to hang on to every last second of summer from my fingernails and cry. It will be really hard to be away from Phillip during the days again. And I certainly won't have as much time for soapmaking, blogging, housework, and all of the other things I enjoy so much.

A huge congratulations to T&K on the birth of O! All the best!

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