scarves and bridgetown

We went to Bridgetown today to meet Lauren of Sleeping Forest Studios, who was so sweet and kind to us - she even fed us an amazing lunch straight from their garden. Remember Phillip's pull-quail? Made by them! On the way there, we stopped at my favourite Frenchy's, which is in Digby. I found the beautiful (and currently wrinkly) silk scarf above, and the wool one below.
I had no idea that the beaches in Bridgetown have such pretty rocks! No, really - they're all rainbow-licious. Yarmouth rocks look quite dull in comparison. Lauren took us to Hampton Beach, where I found some beauties and even brought a few home. They're so pretty that Phillip thought they looked good enough to eat.

To make it even more impressive, we drove up and over a mountain to get to the beach. Adam took the picture of us playing - shouldn't someone be watching that baby? Thanks so much for your hospitality, Lauren, and come down to our neck of the woods any time! Be sure to check out their Etsy shop, too!

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