So... here's part two of the cookbook story. No, we don't have piles of money sitting around to be spent on cookbooks. But I did join a book club (I can hear you now: "What? One of those annoying book clubs that sends a bazillion mailings out and drive you crazy like Columbia House when I was in high school?") Well, um, yeah. Because, for $28, I got the two Martha cookbooks shown in that previous post, The Food You Crave (which I was planning on buying for $33), The Giving Tree, The Daring Book for Girls, and the above. Martha's Cookies. Oh, my. It is an amazing cookbook, organized by texture. Full pictures of each recipe, both all together at the beginning of the book, and with each recipe. YUM. So, where does the Oreo come in? Well, we don't buy junk at the grocery store. Almost ever. But for some reason, (Adam pointed out that it was right after I got this book) I NEEDED to have golden Oreos. It was also suppertime, and I was starving. My belly hurt immediately after I ate 4 of them for (I mean with) supper last night.

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