I should precurse what I'm about to write by saying that I really love our cat, Virgil, very much. He is a great companion, he's very funny, and he has some good tricks in his repertoire. That said, he is also the most disgusting and revolting creature I have ever met.

The other day, I was puttering around in the garden, enjoying myself immensely. I decided to bring some of the beauty indoors, and cut some delphiniums and chinese lanterns to brighten up the house. Not having recently brushed up on my list of plants which are toxic if eaten by unintelligent pets, I was unaware that if ingested (which they were) they would cause dear kitty a great deal of gastrointestinal distress (which occurred.) This resulted in multiple messes on the floors throughout the main level of our house, which I then had to clean up and disinfect. Hardly makes for a pleasant evening.

I would be more concerned about Virgil if he showed any signs of remorse, or even illness. But he has been behaving completely normally, other than the unusual expectorant (?) bodily functions.

I have removed the offending flora from the house, and hopefully the gluttonous cat will have no lasting side effects from his experience. Good grief.

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