Love is all around

My Thanksgiving weekend was fabulous. I'm all warm and full-feeling about the whole thing. Spending time with people I really care about does that to me and I love it. For the rest of the week I can just bask in it. So maybe this post won't be the best written or most interesting to anyone else, but I'm so content I just have to get it out.

On Friday night, Adam and I took the ferry from Digby to Saint John and stayed with Adam's parents. The crossing was fine, except I apparently left my memory somewhere in last week. I had my weekly assignment for one of my courses due on Sunday night. Last Thursday night during class, I was going to ask if we could have a couple of extra days to work on them because of the holiday. At the end of class, our prof said "So, does anyone have any questions?" Someone asked a question. After the answer, I was going to ask when the prof said "Oh, and I'd really like to thank you all for being so good about getting your assignments in on time. It really makes things easier for me." How could I have asked for extra time after that? So, I planned on completing my assignment on the ferry, using my laptop. Friday around supper time, I packed in a blur (remembering both my pyjamas and toothbrush, my most often forgotten items) and tossed in my binder containing my assignment questions. To be a keener, I also packed another textbook which I thought I might be able to draw some information from in my responses. Perhaps I should have read the questions before leaving. When I sat down to begin working, I realized first that I had left my binder in the car on the lower deck of the ship. I scooted back down (which you're not supposed to do) and almost got locked down there as the guy mopped the steps right ahead of me as I ascended, binder in hand. I sit down with my binder and laptop, look at the questions, and realize that the actual question for assignment 4b is located in my textbook. Oh wait, not the one I brought. The one I left at home. OK... so I'll do the other ones. Oh, wait. I need internet access for 4a. I guess that one can wait. Oh... for 4c I need an answer to 4b. So I ended up e-mailing my prof on Saturday night and asking for an extension. Which she graciously granted. Packing never was my forte.

We arrived safely in SJ around midnight, and Saturday morning, we left for Fredericton and John and Connie's wedding. We also picked up pictures from the medieval backyard wedding reception the week before. They're awesome! Adam's in the process of posting them on his site; I'll put up a link when he's done. Again, Adam took the pictures, which we should have back sometime. Connie (the bride) was lovely, and the whole wedding was a sort of Thanksgiving feast-y party. Pumpkins, leaves, and fall colours were everywhere. It was glorious. And wet! It poured rain all weekend. We got to see quite a few people we hadn't in a long time, and it was just splendid to visit and catch up with them.

After the wedding festivities, we left in the very wet darkness for Yoho lake, where our dear friends the Woollins live. We spent the night with them, and I got to meet, hold, and cuddle with Maeve (see picture in earlier post). She is the most beautiful and wonderful-smelling baby around. And she's demonstrating some excellent visual behaviours, which is really neat to look for in a newborn. We had a great time and lots of laughs with Jen and Rich (I don't think Maeve gets the jokes yet. And she slept most of the time.) We had a super game of Carcassone which we all adore. On Sunday, after leaving the beautiful quietness of Yoho lake (I'm more convinced than ever that I want to live on a lake) we went back to Saint John and had an excellent Thanksgiving dinner with the fam. It was delicious, to put it mildly.

It is so nice to celebrate a holiday of thankfulness with people you're thankful for. I am so blessed!

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