I was thinking about the whole Frenchy's thing and why I enjoy it so much. For starters, it's cheap. For the amount you could spend on one sweater at a "real" store, you can get a season's worth of clothes. They're already broken in, and every now and then you find some new things that have never been worn. It's also really satisfying to purchase a brand name item, such as the Baby Gap bib I bought for Maeve. Not because I can boast that the item "is Gap" but because I kind of see it as a kick in the pants for sweatshop-inclined companies. I (or someone I am fond of) am wearing their clothes, which are very well-made and lovely, but only Frenchy's received my monetary support. I don't wear clothes with brand names emblazoned on them because I am not a billboard. But knowing that you have the goods without monetarily supporting the company is definitely satisfying. Then I think "Well, isn't it still promoting the company just by wearing the clothes?" I'm not sure how to eloquently respond to that, but I don't see it that way.

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