I wonder what these mean, if anything

Last night, I had a terrible night's sleep. OK, not terrible, but it was riddled with dreams about work. For a Saturday night's sleep, that's not exactly pleasant. Even with the extra hour we got because of daylight savings.

Dream sequence #1 - I was supervising a field trip with a class to a big river with one of those giant steam-powered paddle boats and I witnessed someone throwing a young boy with light brown hair over a bridge. I time travelled into the future and was watching as the body was retrieved from the river by a group of people. I was watching, but I knew I wasn't visible to them. Maybe I was a ghost.

Dream sequence #2 - It was a Friday morning, and I was getting ready for work at my Mom and Dad's (weird enough.) I was late, and frantically packed a lunch in one of those three-compartment Ziploc containers with the blue lids. There was potato salad. Then I realized that I had already packed a lunch, and was wasting my time. I rushed out of the house, and went to my first school of the day. But I was totally confused and went to the wrong school. I hadn't written anything in my agenda and didn't know where I had told people I would be, and I had no idea what to do. I was panicking when I woke up and was really hot. Maybe that was because of the fleece sheets.

I'm not sure where the second dream came from, (I don't feel quite that disorganized about work), but the first one comes from Adam telling me last night about some hikers finding a body in New Brunswick and having to take it out of the park with them. Hopefully tonight I will have more tranquil dreams. Perhaps last night's were induced by the giant pile of homemade french fries Annie made for us for supper last night.

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