Dree-e-e-e-eam, dream dream dream

I think dreams are fascinating, and I wrote one I had last night down this morning so I wouldn't forget it. It was so vivid!

I had just purchased myself a Perkins Brailler, and the bonus gift was an armchair specifically designed for people who are blind! It was a modest sort of recliner in off-white which had a brailled remote control in the arm. My friend Alison had an older brother with red hair who was blind, and because I didn't need the armchair and didn't want to carry it around with me for my students, I took it over to their house on a beautiful fall day. Her brother was sitting in the garage in his very old, broken and ratty braille recliner, and he leapt up to give me a hug when I told him that I had a new chair for him to recline in while he relaxed in the garage. Then their mom came out on the porch (which had yellow mums on the railings) drying her hands on a dish towel, and I told her about my delivery. She also gave me a big hug and was thrilled. The garage smelled like metal and gas. It was comforting.

Maybe what I do does make a difference.

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