We have an old lilac that has had a rough few years. The past couple of years, we've had almost no blooms. This spring, though, it is showing off a bit, and I love every second. There are a couple of lilacs at the new old house, too - I couldn't be happier about that! It's definitely one of my favourite flower scents. I should be a bee in my next life, I think.

Things are continuing on, as they do. The days at this time of year are so long! It makes me feel as though I could get ALL OF THE THINGS done every day. But then, after supper when I go outside to putter on the back step with all of my potted herbs and pansies (this usually only lasts for three minutes before someone needs me) I soak it all in and chill out a bit and realize that all of the things will never be done, so I might as well enjoy the sun and the warm breeze for a few minutes longer.

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