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Phillip turned seven on Monday. He's everything (and more) than I thought he would be at this age - everything is funny, silly and goofy, and "butts" are especially so. It's so much fun to carry on conversations with him about his plans (to marry a certain girl in his class, have Thomas live with them - oh, but he has to check with her first). He is his own kid, and is as strong-willed, stubborn and determined as they come, and some days, that just about does me in. I'm hoping these characteristics will serve him well in adulthood. He's also generous, smart, and loving. And he loves math. Someone at a yard sale gave him this adding machine on the weekend, and he has been having the best time calculating his profits from future egg sales. Adam got an even better picture on Sunday. I just love him to bits.

And Thomas had his orientation day for pre-primary last week! He was (and is) so very, very excited to go to school. He'll be there for the whole day, like Phillip. It's hard to believe that this season in our little family will be shifting so drastically this fall, with no little ones at home with Adam during the days. Bittersweet.

The apple trees are in bloom, and they smell incredible. This crooked beauty is at the entrance of the path to the camp; I made the little welcome sign last summer. Speaking of the camp, it's being overtaken by carpenter ants. We're trying borax and icing sugar and are hoping it's effective. Fingers crossed.

We're planning a trip this summer, and will be passing through Portland, Maine. I'm excited to visit More & Co., and I'm hoping that we'll have the better part of an afternoon to spend in that general area. Is there anywhere that we absolutely must visit? Eat supper?

The new old house is coming along beautifully! This is the dining room. The light! So much light.

And with that, I'm off to bed. Good night!

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