Hi! I've missed you.

We've been up to all sorts of exciting real life business around here, like buying a new (to us) car (I pick it up tomorrow! It's a Toyota Matrix, and it will be my new work car. It has luxuries like power door locks and air conditioning, swoon.) Some kitchen updates are almost done (new countertop! new sink! Yipeee!) plus all of the regular daily things that keep us busy. Life is nutty and wonderful.

Nature has been busy, too - the snowdrops and crocuses are up, and guess what I pulled over to pick on today's drive?
Thomas couldn't be happier. Something soft that he can tote around? He approves.
Speaking of Thomas, he turned 3 on Monday! We had my parents over for supper, and he started sleeping in a big bed on Sunday night. Exciting times.

Phillip had an orthodontist appointment yesterday (underbite - they're going to decide what to do when we go again next week), and his x-rays blew my mind. Have you ever seen a 5 year old's teeth x-rays? There are a bazillion teeth in there, just waiting to come in! It looks incredible.

Happy, happy spring!


  1. Spring in NS. Such a great time!
    Glad your little Man had a great birthday!

  2. Happy birthday to your little man, hope he had a great day. And flowers how lovely, nothing here yet, still covered in snow, but at least it is starting to melt :)

  3. OOOUUU A Toyota Matrix! Congrats :) I guess you don't need to test drive my VW any more, lol!


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