march 4

Most importantly: the snowdrops are up in the garden!

Secondly, the time change is coming up this weekend!

And third, next week is March Break!

It's *this* close to spring, friends! I am over-the-moon excited.

I took the boys to my Mom & Dad's yesterday and captured this little moment of Dad playing with them by the pond. (Throwing a buoy onto the slushy ice. Who knew it would be such a great game?) Deep down, I know that I appreciated growing up so close to the water when I was a kid, but now I really do.

I've been receiving ridiculous numbers of spammy comments lately, so I've had to activate the word verification when you all are kind enough to leave comments. I'm sorry.

I hope that your week is off to a good start. Happy Monday! March forth! (Thanks, Jen.)


  1. Excited for spring here too. We are still covered in a huge amount of snow, can't see anything in the garden. Soon though, I hope :)

  2. This is beautiful:) What a lovely moment. I had the windows open last week and could smell the mossy earth. Then we got almost eight inches of snow today! Taking it all in.....honored to be sharing space with you in Kindred:) XO

  3. LOVE that photo! Classic-Daddy and Sons.
    Our snow is slowly melting here in Edmonton, but nothing would dare to start growing yet!

  4. Ugh...the spam is so annoying. I don't get it on the blog because I use Disqus, but I do still get notifications in my mailbox about them and then I have to delete them.

    Great photo of your lovely guys!

  5. That first photo is just lovely!


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