first day of spring

These were actually taken on our last snow day; today is more icy, but last night was very snowy. So we're all staying home today, with the company of a plumber who is connecting our beautiful new sink and dishwasher! I'll share some pictures once everything's together, along with the new countertop. It will make the kitchen much more efficient, not to mention pretty. (Right now, everything is a disaster. But a productive one, so it's worth it.)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love the chickadee! Although there is still some snow left on the ground, it feels much more like Spring today! :)

  2. Well, your spring looks awfully close to our spring...lots of ice and snow ;) Yay for a new kitchen!

  3. Looks like winter decided to stay a bit longer for you! Here's to hoping the sun will make an appearance in your area soon. =) Happy Spring!


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