Home again, after two ferry rides and a lovely visit with the in-laws in Saint John, New Brunswick in between. The boys had soooo much fun, bowling and skating, eating out, visiting an indoor playground on a very rainy day, and generally being loved to bits. Adam and I had a chance to relax a bit, and we were finally successful in his quest for new shoes. (I've started calling him Cinderella.) We visited Sarah at Jones Gallery, and Judith Mackin at Tuck. So much lovely! Fun, fun, fun!

There really is no place like home, though, is there? Since we arrived a few hours ago, Phillip's been saying over and over "It makes me feel so good to be home again!" He's been saying it out loud, whispering it to himself, and telling Thomas. And Thomas has been saying "We have a new kitchen! We have a new dining room!" Just because it's been awhile, I think.

And now, to unpack and settle back in. It's so nice to be home!

Happy weekend!

*Edited to add: Lest I forget the un-sunshiney bits of our week, I'll add that both boys came down with ear infections while we were away. Thankfully, there's a clinic where we could get them seen quickly, and we avoided long waits at outpatients. They're both much, much better now.*


  1. Love that photo.

    And it's always good to be home...

  2. Love your new blog header!


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