deja vu

You're going to think that I'm making this up. Because there is no possible way that one little family can get so many ailments in the course of nine months. No single family would get pneumonia, strep throat, and no less than five versions of the flu (possibly one or two more - I actually lost count), along with assorted colds and ear infections scattered in there. All between October and June. But we're sick again - Thomas Sunday night, Adam last night, and Phillip tonight. I'm at a loss - I try to do my best at just about everything, and I feel like there must be something that I'm missing.

I try to always look on the bright side, and I am really thankful that it's not a serious illness. And I don't gag as much when cleaning up anymore, so I guess that's good. That said, it would be really, really nice to have all four of us healthy for a stretch of longer than eight days.

Two more days of work for the year. Two more days in which I *need* to get things wrapped up. My fingers are crossed that Adam will be well enough to keep track of at least one boy tomorrow. And a giant thank-you to my mom and sister who had the boys today (before P came down with it) and is who offered to take Thomas for the night - he's over it now and is right as rain. I just don't feel up to taking care of three wonderful people when 2/3 are sick.

And so, I'm signing off for a couple more days - I'll be back when we're healthy and the school year is done. I'm looking forward to a relaxing summer in which I hope to take and share lots of pictures and spend lots of time outside. Enjoy these last days of June!


  1. Sending you all Get Well Wishes!

  2. Oh my goodness...I feel so bad for you all. I hope that everyone will bounce back from this one quickly!

  3. so sorry. i know it isn't fun when they're sick, especially repeatedly. we had a season like that years ago and then i started giving my littles probiotics - been clear sailing since.

  4. Aw, I'm so sorry Sherrie :( All I can say is that I really hope you all get a stretch of a few healthy weeks soon so you can recover properly!
    All the best!


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