little walk

We went for a (much-needed by me) short walk down by the harbour yesterday in the sun. The fresh air was wonderful and smelled a bit like spring, and the sun was definitely restorative.

I'm just waiting to hear back from my doctor on my bloodwork; hopefully I'll know soon exactly what I have. In the meantime, I'll keep up my tea habit and my laying around one, too.

Have a great week! Go enjoy a walk somewhere beautiful, okay?


  1. i think your coast is beautiful. keep resting xo

  2. It was wonderful on my walk today too. Not missing the snow at all!

  3. I hope you'll have a definitive answer so you can be on the road to wellness soon! It's so pretty out by where you are.

  4. Be well Sherrie! I hope it is something "easy" like Vitamin D. Wishing for the best for you. :)


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