in the kitchen

Homemade yogourt in Weck jars in the fridge, next to plenty of eggs from the Farmer's Market, made me smile to myself all day.

I seem to have a lot of cookbooks. (Some aren't pictured.) Do you have a favourite recipe from any of my books that I need to make? Please share! I'm feeling adventurous. I love how cookbooks look, almost as much as what's in them - they seem to be a pretty lot, there on the shelf.

Adam's out, I think the boys are both asleep (they're quiet, anyway) and my brain is just shutting off for the evening. Nope - I take that 'quiet' comment back - T just started talking. In fact, his exact words were "Mama, Dadoo, Phillip. Mama, Sheeeeerrie!" It is so cute when he calls me by name. I'll be wrapping up some soap to send to Molly (sorry I didn't get it out last week, M!) as I watch something on Netflix. (Yes, probably Murder She Wrote.) Oooh, we finally started watching Downton Abbey the other night, and everyone who recommended it to me was right - it's glorious. Along with the good dialogue, plot, etc., the clothes are insanely beautiful, and the sounds are wonderful. Rustly book pages, clinking dishes, shoes on wood floors, and no plastic to be seen. Beautiful cinematography in the opening particularly, and the font and style of the credits is lovely. Mmmm. Those are the things I love in a show. (Does that make me strange, or does everyone else like those kinds of things, too? No, really - I don't know.)

I adore this spice rack. At that price, though, I don't think it will be mine any time soon.

Oh, hey - speaking of buying things - want to buy a house? Ours is still for sale! (And I love it more and more with every other house we go to see.)

I hope that you're having a pleasant weekend!


  1. Why are moving?
    I love cookbooks too. And Downton Abbey.
    I am in the process of eliminating wheat from my diet so it makes baking a challenge - but love a good piece of chocolate.

  2. Hi RW, We're planning on moving to a place outside of town with a bit of land, where we'll be closer to the boys' school and be able to have chickens. :) Eliminating wheat would be very difficult, but there are lots of options these days, which is nice. Good luck - I hope it goes well for you!

  3. My recipe suggestion is Gingerbread under cakes in BH&G New Cook Book. It just takes a few minutes to whip up and it is SO good served warm with whipped cream on top.

  4. Looove the Weck jars! I've not used it for yogurt yet since I have the Euro Cuisine yogurt maker which comes with small glass jars. Our Wecks hold lovely pickled beets and tsukemono pickles though. :)

    If I know anyone who's wanting a house in N.S., I'll let them know about your beautiful home!

  5. Thanks, Bobbiann! That sounds lovely.
    Teresa, you're kind of awesome. :) I have no idea what a tsukemono pickle is, but I would love to try it! Why don't you buy a second home in NS and then we can hang out? :)

  6. LOL! My sister already wants us to have a second home in Vancouver to be close to her...but it would be super fun hanging out with you, Sherrie! Tsukemono is a Japanese pickle; it has garlic and ginger and chili peppers in it for some kick. I had a post with the recipe: http://homesteadnotes.blogspot.com/2011/08/pep-talk-and-pickles.html And they were in Weck jars! :)


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