thursday evening miscellany

Firstly, Happy Thanksgiving to you Americans! I hope that you've had a restful day with lots and lots of delicious food made with love. Mmmm.

Is this not the saddest baby face, ever? This hearty (and usually happy) little guy is 8 months old today!

I've found (well, Adamdid) the perfect frame for my kitchen chalkboard project. I love it! More pictures when it's done, of course. We're having the kitchen painted next week, which is terribly exciting, and I'm hoping to have it finished soon after.

And does anyone know what these little critters are? Sorry for the terrible picture quality (night time in the dining room), but you can kind of see. I've found a few of them around the house, and they've been promptly vanquished, but I still don't know what they are. At first, it looks like a little piece of lint on the wall, but when you watch it for a minute, this little worm (he's poking his head out of the bottom) pokes his head out, and starts moving around, pulling the linty thing along with him. Fascinating, but in an I-don't-want-these-in-my-house kind of way. Could they be moth larvae? Anyone? It's certainly not a big deal, as we've only had a handful over several weeks, but I am curious to know.


  1. I have no clue what your little critters are...maybe you can ask Seabrooke (http://themarvelousinnature.wordpress.com/2010/10/31/tussock-moth-cocoon/) she was the illustrator for the Moths of Northeastern North America field guide!

  2. Can't help you, but I'll forward this to Nigel who seems to know all things nature-y. It looks to me like a smudge or a dent (not helpful).

  3. Sorry no help here either but my chickens would probably love it :-) That cute baby face is adorable. He's changed so much lately; more little-boy-grown-up.

  4. It does look like a moth though I hope it's not. My only suggestion is to kill them as soon as you find them and go through your cupboards because moths lay their eggs in tons of food stuff and during one of their stages they look like maggots. They'll nestle in your flour if they can find a way to get there and they'll chew through some types of plastic bags. They're a terrible pest around here. I've had to fight with them since the Spring and I've had to throw out tons of spices and food that was in bags or boxes and they've "eaten" some of my clothes - grrr.

  5. Ah! I've found a couple of these in our house this year. I've never seen them before, but spent quite a few minutes watching one crawl across my husband's pillow the other night. They ARE fascinating. But not something we want in our house. Jai says they emit a horrible smell when you squish them. We've mostly been finding them on clothes, but did find one on the wall, like your picture. Now I check any and all lint! I hope someone figures it out!

  6. Anonymous11/27/2010

    No idea what the bug is, but I hope it's not a moth as someone else suggested. The "terrible smell" that the other person mentioned makes me think it could be a ladybug larvae...do you get lots of asiatic ladybugs in the fall?

    Happy 8 month birthday to your sweet little guy!

    Looks like I've missed a bunch of posts...dang, have to catch up tomorrow.


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