soap and being 3

Cinnamon Stick. Mmmmm. Most of these are now at Yarmouth Natural; I delivered a pile of soaps there the other day.

I need to make some soap in the morning. I was hoping that it might get done today, but that didn't happen because of other fun things. I did get a ton of food made, and took P to a Fun Fair. He was so excited-it was adorable. And he even won a cake! Watching him today and seeing him being so innocent and excited made me want to stop time and squeeze him forever. Today, I love that he's 3.

He has been doing tons of role-playing lately; Adam has become "Kevin" (I don't know why that's the name) and there has been lots of hanging invisible pinatas and pretending to break them open. Imaginary trips to the "post office" (aka the couch) and the "department store" are frequent occurrences, too. 3 is pretty fun.

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  1. Louisette11/27/2010

    3 is the best. I'm starting to see birthday #4 coming up (in Feb. - for B).. and it makes me a little sad!!!!
    Enjoy it!


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