November somehow managed to sneak up on me. Really, though, it's almost Christmas, and then it's only about 9 weeks until the beginning of March, and that's when the snowdrops are out. So really, it's almost Spring.
My current table runner consists of a lovely linen one I picked up at Frenchy's last year, and a gorgeous hand-dyed silk scarf which I determined looks silly on me. Great on the table though. Minus the wrinkles, it would be even better. Adam brought home the gorgeous pumpkin from the market on the weekend.
I have a few soaps specially wrapped and ready to go out the door. I've made a pile of soap over the past few days, and hope to make a few more batches tomorrow. If you'd like any, speak up! They seem to be disappearing quickly these days.

And lastly, a quick fun find of the day for you - these reuseable bowl covers, in a set of five, were at the grocery store (Sobeys, if you're from here) for around $1.37. I don't like using plastic wrap, but sometimes do. I much prefer these. Yes, they're also plastic, but they'll be reused many times, rather than once and tossed. And I love the old-school pattern.

In other news, T has an ear infection and hasn't been feeling well at all. He's hopefully on the mend now, and my fingers are crossed for a sleep-filled night for all of us. He's so pitiful; trying to smile when he feels so terrible. Poor little guy.

I hope that your Monday has been better than his!


  1. Yay! It's almost spring! We're dealing with colds and ear infections at our house, too. Long nights. Come on spring!

  2. I love your decorating style. That table top is beautiful and cozy looking. Poor T, hope he feels better soon.

  3. Beautiful table! I love the pumpkin. :)



  4. At Thanksgiving I noticed a trick my mom has apparently used for years that I had never paid attention to. She buys shower caps at the dollar store and used them instead of Saran wrap to cover pies and other round dishes.

  5. Thank you!
    Andrea, so nice to hear from another Nova Scotian! Hope your family is feeling better soon. No fun at all.
    Vickie and Val, thank you!
    Beth, smart lady!


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