lovely links in a deluge (of rain)

This picture was most definitely not from today. We've been having ridiculous amounts of rain, and there's no sign of improvement tomorrow. So we're a wee bit soggy!

I love this oh-so-simple-but-brilliant spice idea over at Angry Chicken. Totally making some of this up to have on hand.

Love this free desktop calendar.

This quinoa salad looks great!

I seriously wish that I had more time and/or money to spend on amazing clothes. I do love things that look and feel beautiful, but my wardrobe rarely, if ever, reflects that. I saw this post over at Ill Seen, Ill Said and fell in love with that first outfit. Love, love, love it.

Listening to lots of Old Man Luedecke lately. Love. Him. His music feels so perfect to me. (He's actually in town tonight for Nova Scotia Music Week. Maybe I'll catch a glimpse of him before he leaves. I do love me a beard.)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Did you see her office (Ill Seen Ill Said)? I love the branch idea...I have something similar hanging in my living room. A large piece of driftwood hanging from our ceiling, we use it to dry unmentionables on laundry day! ;)

  2. Thank you for the link love!!

  3. I have been saying for ages now that I should find a few key outfit pieces I like and make patterns out of them and sew my own clothes. (With some exceptions, of course) I love tunics and flowy open cardigans and long skirts, and, and... All things I could make and save a bundle. As it is, I just never quite make myself do it and I am stuck with old, ratty clothes that should have been retired to the scrap pile years ago. ;)


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