pomegranates, calendars, and Sigg info

I love pomegranates. And they're on sale this week - buy two, get two free. So I got four and have eaten two already this evening. Yup, two whole pomegranates. Yikes. They're not perfectly ripe yet (that didn't stop me) and you can see in the second photo that some of the seeds look like ice cubes, in the sort of exploding patterns in the fruit. Mmmm, tangy.

Since I loved this year's so much, I ordered my 2010 Fieryeyed calender as soon as the shop reopened earlier this week. If I had the need and extra cash hanging around to surround myself with calendars on every available surface, I would buy this one. And maybe this one. These tiny little adorable pages, too. Oh, and this one - so pretty. And this one is super fun, too. This botanical one is also right up my alley. And despite the misplaced apostrophe in the title, which I cannot ignore, this calendar is so pretty. I don't think one can ever have too many calendars, so if you're inclined to buy me one, I won't complain!

I happened to overhear someone last week talking about exchanging her old Sigg bottle in for a new one at Yarmouth Natural, because of potential problems with the liners containing trace amounts of BPA. Which is a problem, and I'm a bit perturbed by the whole thing, especially since I trusted that their trade secret liner was truthfully BPA -free in the first place. Anyway. Of course, I asked the person I overheard for the scoop, since we have a few of our own that we tote around everywhere. It's a voluntary exchange program, and many retailers are taking Siggs with old liners (they're kind of a coppery brown colour inside) back and exchanging them for new ones with a BPA-free liner. Or you can send yours in directly to Sigg, but it has to be before October 31. Here's the scoop, from Sigg. And pictured above are two of my snazzy new bottles. I'm not sure if Yarmouth Natural is still taking them back, (I think last week may have been the last week) but you can certainly give them a call to find out.

That was a bit rambly and scattered - can you tell I'm excited that it's the weekend? Have a lovely one!


  1. Anonymous10/16/2009

    We saw the news about Sigg and thought about exchanging our current ones for the new ones, but a friend of mine said that a colleague of hers got one of the new ones, but that the liner seems like it was peeling off. Soooo, we ended up getting some different brands of stainless steel ones (EarthLust is one of the brands) as our extra set, but we're going to continue using our old ones because while, yes, the liner does contain BPA, all the tests seem to show that it doesn't leach into the water contained within (I don't know why it doesn't).

    I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't really know how to eat a pomegranate!

  2. Thanks, Teresa - I know, the whole thing is kind of convoluted. Much of it came down to a decision between a) old black and grey Siggs and b) shiny new pink and pretty Siggs. Sometimes I just get tired of all of the ins and outs of issues like this and trying to figure out what's what, you know? We have Klean Kanteens, too (you have no idea how much those 'k''s pain me!) and are happy with those. :) As far as the pomegranates, it's easy peasy and super fun to eat them - just score the peel, soak it in water for a few minutes (this makes it MUCH easier to take apart), and gently break it apart and pop out the seeds. It's easy to do this in a bowl of water - bits of peel and pith float, while the seeds sink. You eat the whole seeds, and they're soooo tangy and delicious. Mmmm. :) Take care!

  3. Just like you Sherrie, I decided to exchange my old Siggs for a new one because I was getting tired of the old one and YAY I scored a very beautiful earthy green one with the yoga OM symbol. Yippy. Plus, the old ones aren't going in the landfill, they are recycling them so that made it much easier to decide on exchanging it.

  4. Anonymous10/19/2009

    Thanks for the instructions on how to eat a pomegranate, Sherrie! I'm going to get one next time we see some and try it again. :) I know it's super good for you.

    LOL about how the K's bug you in Kleen Kanteen! I know what you mean though; sometimes people try to be too cute in their naming.

    I agree: it's just too much to wrap my head around issues like the Sigg BPA thing; there are so many other things I have to keep track of. I think I was happy that dh was all right with keeping our old Siggs because then I don't have to deal with wrapping them up and sending them back. It would have been nice to get some new pretty ones though!

    And speaking of pretty Siggs, my bloggy friend, Annie, created a Sigg of her own design: http://anniepatterson.typepad.com/imagineandcreate/2009/10/check-out-my-sigg.html

  5. Thanks, Teresa! I may have kept my old ones, too, if it wasn't so easy to return them to our local store. Thanks for sending me over to Annie's - it's fantastic! I didn't even know that they had a design-your-own option. Fun! :)

    Vickie - that's a good point I forgot to mention about the old ones being recycled - that made it make more sense to me, too. :) Hope you're enjoying your new one!


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