natural catch fruit fly traps and other things I keep forgetting to mention

Image from Lee Valley.

I posted awhile ago about a fruit fly trap I made that worked pretty well. And it was more or less free. But there was still the odd fruit fly or two lingering around the kitchen, and if the old-style trap wasn't cleaned often enough, it got really gross. I saw these Natural Catch Fruit Fly Traps in the Lee Valley catalogue ages ago, but it was Adam who finally got so frustrated with all of the fruit flies that he ordered them back in August. We have been absolutely amazed and delighted with how well they work! Nary a fruit fly to be found. In August! And September! They are a bit pricey, but each one lasts a month, and I think it's well worth it. I had plans to take the first one apart so you could see the hundreds of dead, bloated fruit fly bodies trapped inside, but I think you get the idea.

I've been listening to Lisa Hannigan again lately. Sigh. I love her.

I've been looking at Simply Breakfast and Simply Photo again lately, too. I'm feeling so much more like myself. I love it.

Speaking of love, I think this bag is perfect.

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