no pink and green nursery for #2

Here's the note I just sent to a friend, with our very exciting news of the day:

I went to an appointment with Dr. H this afternoon (because of the previous c-section, to discuss birthing options and such), and after measuring and weighing me, he said "I have a surprise for you." He opened the door, pulled in a portable ultrasound, and I got to see the baby! It was lovely. The wee one didn't stop moving, and of course, looked perfect in every blurry and black-and-white way. Then the Dr. asked "What is your child that you have at home?" "A boy," I said. "Well, you're going to have another one!" And I clearly saw his bits, so I'm confident that there won't be much pink around here anytime soon. :) Yay!

Speaking of boys, here's a smart one:

No kidding, he loves letters and their sounds and finding out what everything spells. It's fantastic. And makes for lots of entertainment when we're out and about.


  1. How exciting! Congratulations Sherrie!

    Ziggy's also very much into letters at the moment. We were hanging fairy lights over the weekend and as we unfolded the step ladder Ziggy exclaimed "A! A! A!". Very sweet :)

  2. Hooray for little (and littler) boys! Congratulations!

  3. Quick! Get that kid on Sesame Street! He'd make the perfect little teacher.

  4. Anonymous10/27/2009

    I am sooo excited for you, and Adam, and most of all, Phillip!! He is going to love having a brother. My boys are the best of buds.

    Yay, P; great job reading!

  5. A boy! A boy! A boy! Yipppee!

    And what a smartie pants!

    Please to share the book. Alasdair loves letters, too. I like the concept of that particular page.

    (p.s. This is Kristin gail, signed in to my alter-ego account.)

  6. Congratulations! Wonderful news. I've got two boys and though you are in for some serious "action", they will have a hoot growing up together. Just don't let them play hockey in the house (:


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