the mighty OJ, product body, and soapaholics anonymous

I found this mint condition Mighty OJ juicer at Frenchy's last week. Is it not the most adorable appliance you have ever seen? It's solid metal and weighs a ton, and juices like nobody's business. It came in the original box, and I bought it knowing full well that it will likely get little use as a juicer. I still bought it, and it has made me smile every single time I've looked at it. Definitely worth $3.00.
And my swap soaps from Joanna of Product Body arrived! They smell and look delicious, and I can't wait to try them out.

And I will try them out, after I use up the rest of this bar from Heidi! I neglected to take a photo before starting to use it, so here's a half-used bar. You can see the other bar she sent, here.

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