sunrise and soaps

We were blessed enough to wake up to this view from Phillip's window earlier this week.

I have some splendid soaps to add to my Etsy shop this weekend; I just completed the finishing touches on two hot process batches - Iced Tea with Lemon (which is made with real Red Rose tea and lemon juice) and Cleaning Day - the batch which I had to modify mid-creating and I now love. The scent has mellowed beautifully and it smells just like a clean house. A very mild, clean smell with a hint of lemon. Pina Colada (which I think will be a favourite, especially since it's made with real coconut milk) is looking like one of my best soaps ever, and I can't wait for it to finish curing. That pineapple coconut combo is so tropical - exactly what many of us are wishing for while we shovel!

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