blizzard-y delicious-ness and a sweet sweater set

I found this Clayeux set, consisting of a gorgeous baby's 3/4 length sweater with beautiful wooden buttons and a matching hat, at Frenchy's the other day. It's too small and girly for Phillip, but I love it so much I think I'll put in away in the future-babies pile. Maybe I'll just look at it now and then. It's beautiful.

It's yet another snow day; it's really yucky out with snow changing to freezing rain throughout the day. So after shovelling the step for the mailman and filling the woodbox, I lit a fire and we're cozied up snug as bugs here. MIL is going to look after P while I do whatever I want. Eeeek! That's so exciting.

Annie and Ingrid came over on Monday evening for some knitting and visiting, and Ingrid brought the most beautiful cake I think I've ever seen in person. You can see it here. (It was delectable, too. Even though I'm not usually a chocolate fan, I loved it. The textures of whipping cream, the cake, and the ganache combined made it better than perfect, and the raspberry tanginess with the whipped cream creaminess - divine.) Annie made some rosemary mint soap for Ingrid which is also lovely, and although you can't smell it, you can see it here. (Ingrid asked me to make it awhile ago, but Annie was much quicker on the draw.) It's very lovely, and while making it, she accidentally came up with a new soapmaking process which I'm eager to try. More details to come. Thanks for being so nifty, and for sharing your ideas, Annie!

How much do I LOVE this cake mold? Ooodles and oodles. We're not really big cake people around here, but I would be if all of my cakes could be giant cupcakes! Or I could make a GIANT cupcake soap. If you want to buy one of these molds for me or someone else, they're $29.95 here. Speaking of cupcake soap, check out these beauties!

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