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I mentioned quickly in passing the other day that you can sign up with the Red Dot Campaign to have Canada Post stop delivering unaddressed mail to your mailbox. That's about all I said - I think it deserves a bit of further explanation. It's been mentioned on CBC on a few different shows lately, and I think it's great. Here's why:

Flyers are made from trees, require fossil fuels for production, ink, shipping, and delivery, are outdated in a very short period of time and end up in the recycling bin, requiring more energy to recycle. And here's the thing: they're available for free, online at store websites! So, as a former flyer fanatic, I'm signing up with the Red Dot Campaign and checking out weekly deals on store websites from now on.


This will only stop the flyers and unaddressed mail which Canada Post delivers from appearing in your mailbox. In these here parts, independent carriers deliver the larger bundles of other flyers. So here's what I'm going to do as well as signing up for the Red Dot Campaign: put a cute little sign on our mailbox with the polite request: "No Flyers Please", which will hopefully prevent those ones from appearing as well.

Other green goings on for the Grahams and other local folks to write in your calendars:

Saturday March 29 at 8pm: Earth Hour party at our house (it also happens to be the day before my birthday!) Should be a good time.

Tuesday April 22: Earth Day Potluck at our house! More details forthcoming.

And check out www.worldchanging.com for some inspiration and gobs of thought-provoking, quality green information (I'm particularly interested in 'Shopping Our Way to Safety' (left sidebar) and am on my way to request it from the library right now!)

Lastly - another contest! (To reward those of you who either read the whole post or at least scrolled to the bottom.) One bar of Peppermint Vanilla soap to someone randomly drawn on Monday, February 11, who comments with a promise to sign up for the Red Dot Campaign (I'll keep asking you about it, too!)

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