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Last week's tips on surviving winter weren't that necessary here over the past week - it has been positively warm and spring-like. And wet, wet, wet.

We're working on some very exciting plans involving my favourite pollinators! Do any of you lovely readers keep bees? Have any super-newbie advice? There's a newly formed local beekeeping group having an initial meeting today, and I am soooooo excited. We have a vague plan which I'm hoping to firm up pretty quickly, and I think I've requested every book on beekeeping available from our library. I feel like it's such a great responsibility, and I want to do it right.

Oh, my. I just re-read that paragraph, and I can't believe it's really true.

With a start to the weekend that looked like this,  I think it's going to be a very good weekend indeed.


  1. We have bees and I love them! Join a forum like Beemaster. Make friends with other beekeepers - there are some great blogs out there and Michael Bush's site is incredible [I bought his book, too] Beekeeping is not cheap and getting bees through the winter has been very difficult for us - we lost all of our hives this winter in the arctic vortex. We're going to keep trying. If you want to read my posts on bees, my blog is rurification.com. There's a tab along the top: bees.

  2. Ooh, so exciting! I'm looking forward to reading about your beekeeping adventures :)

  3. I've forgotten how beautiful Hyacinth's are. Lovely pic. I ran across this, and thought of you.


  4. Bees! Good for you. I too hope to have them there when I retire...tick....tick...tick...


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