a post for my niece

This adorable little girl is named Freyja, and she's my niece. Apparently, she's also one of my blog's biggest fans. (She memorizes excerpts. Now that's dedication!) I promised her that I would post some pictures, so here's my fulfilled promise. She came to visit us in December, and had lots of fun playing with Phillip and Thomas.

We loved having you visit, Freyja! I remember that we had lots of snow to play in, and had a fun time running around by the ponds at Grand-mère and Bompie's house, even though it was very cold. Can you see Thomas hiding? And what did you think of the snow on your mitten? Was it tasty?
Uncle Adam, Phillip, and Thomas made a snow tunnel in our back yard! I think that was before you arrived. Do you think we can make a snow tunnel when we see you in the summer? I don't know... maybe swimming would be a better idea!
Do you remember our walk in the woods on Boxing Day? We saw all kinds of different tracks in the snow. And Phillip and Thomas were hanging upside down on the picnic table at the camp! They're so silly.

Here you are, walking with Mommy on the path!

It was so nice to see you, and I know the boys had fun, too. Maybe we'll talk soon on Skype! Love you lots!

Auntie Sherrie


  1. She's in bed for the night but I'll show her the post first thing in the a.m. She'll be thrilled!

  2. This is a great post! Beautiful.

  3. Freyja says "These pictures are great. They're the best! I would like to visit you soon. And I love you so much. I would like to come visit you and we're visiting you in the summer. Do you think the boys will make it all the way from Nova Scotia to our place? I would like you to come visit every day. I'm popping bubbles. Will you please come soon? I pretty please, pretty please want you to come."


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