january 29 odds and ends

Thomas loves the moon, and we got this awesome print from Little Lark on Etsy for him for Christmas. He loves it, as do I. They have all sorts of gorgeous things.

Last weekend, we went snowshoeing for the first time! This snowy winter business is right up my alley. Our winters are often kind of half-hearted and we don't have snow that stays for very long. But this year, we've had plenty. Yarmouth Recreation loans out snowshoes free of charge, so we borrowed some last weekend and went for a walk in the woods. (742-8868 for you locals.) I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to put on, and at how light they are! And no problem at all to walk in. If the snow sticks around, we'll definitely borrow them again, and maybe buy some. Thomas' legs are still a bit short and he had some trouble keeping them apart, but Phillip flew right along on the trail and had a great time.

We've had a couple of house showings this week, and a pretty amazing midwinter potluck (over 50 people in the house!) on Sunday. I'm trying not to get my hopes up about the showings, but apparently some potential buyers really like it. My fingers are crossed. But if that doesn't work out, you can always buy it!

I found what is perhaps my favourite thrifted find, ever, at Frenchy's yesterday. I posted it on Instagram, and my plants just might be overwatered because I love it so much.

I'm going to make some oatcakes today.

And that is all for now. Happy Wednesday!

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  1. What a gorgeous print! I'm keeping my fingers crossed your house sells at last. I have to say I'm shocked by the difference in house prices...over here you'd be lucky to get a house like that for half a million. Euros.Sigh.
    Sounds like the perfect snow weather, have fun :)


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