Rather than focusing on how stressful the setting up and decorating the tree can be with kids (let's just say that we did cut our tree yesterday and it is lovely), I'll choose to dwell on these sweet little stars instead. (And make plans to have everyone else out of the house for a good portion of it next year.)

I'm sure that you've probably seen the little star garland made with clementine peels that's been making the rounds on Pinterest; I used one of the cutters from a Linzer cookie cutter set I picked up at Bulk Barn, and just used a needle and thread to string them together. They dry out pretty quickly, and are just so darn cute.

The other stars are beeswax ones that I made a couple of years ago; I posted a tutorial here. Finding the beeswax sheets might be the trickiest part.

One of the boys has his concert today, which should be just about the cutest thing ever (he's shown us his part a few times), and I think that a gingerbread house might be decorated. And if we can avoid any more broken ornaments and/or epic tantrums, I'll consider it a successful day.

Well, since I shared pictures from last week's non-Christmas-tree expedition, here a a couple I took on my phone yesterday.

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  1. Anonymous12/14/2013

    Those clementine stars are beautiful!! Glad you got your tree in the end :)


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