snow day #2

It's a snow day today. If once certain child doesn't change his behaviour soon, this might be in his stocking next week. (Any tips for keeping one brother from smothering another?) In related news, I came across this post yesterday and really appreciated it. It's supposed to be hard.
I made some bread for my Dad on the weekend, and it was delicious. I may have started to doze off shortly after I took this picture, though, and the bread may have exploded over the sides of the pans in the oven. Just maybe. Regardless, it was delicious. I do love the light when there's snow - it's my favourite for taking pictures.
Yesterday when I arrived home from work, there was this lovely fluffy, light snow falling gently. It was perfect.

So on today's snow day plan, there's a bit of rescheduling due to the weather that I have to work out. I'm making my first tourtière, which we'll have on Christmas Eve, as I type. If you've never had it, it's a spiced meat pie traditionally served on Christmas Eve in many parts of French-speaking Canada, and it is delicious. Cinnamon and cloves, ground pork (and beef, in some recipes) all in a pie crust. I've eaten it before, but never made my own, and the house smells lovely. There's an excellent recipe and tutorial, including make-ahead instructions over here at Simple Bites.

I hope that you enjoy a lovely wintry Wednesday!


  1. That bread looks so yummy and yay for snow! We haven't had any yet this year.

  2. melissab12/21/2013

    Hello. Just browsing around on the internet.
    My grandma (French Canadian) used to make tortiere, and i sort of got a sketchy recipe from her. She couldn't remember exact spice measurements, etc. Anyway, I wanted to tip you off that NPR did an interesting blurb/story on tortiere a couple years ago that also included a recipe (if you Google it, it will pop up).
    Merry Holidays :-)


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