snow day!

It's a snow day! We're snuggled up inside (the boys went out to shovel and play this morning) and are happy to not need to travel anywhere. I made eggnog waffles for breakfast, and hot vanilla when they came in with bright red cheeks.

I looooove this Christmas post card, mailed from Estelle in Boston to 'friend Gus' on December 19, but I'm not sure of the year. The card design was copyrighted in 1912. 1912! The year the Titanic sank (and the setting for the beginning of Downton Abbey). Isn't that wild? There are embossed icicles on the top edge of the front of the card, and I just love that holly.
I mentioned the gingerbread house tutorial that Adam and the boys did last week - I took a few pictures one day as they worked away at the last step.

Thomas actually made a separate one using graham crackers, and, well, I really did most of it. He ate candy.
And yes, this boy with the graham cracker residue on his face will indeed be asking for those two front teeth for Christmas. He's inadvertently whistled a couple of times, and it is so very cute.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Glad you've enjoyed your snow day :)) That card is gorgeous! The gingerbread house too of course :)


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