rainy days & happy canada day!

There have been plenty of games in our house over the past very wet, very rainy, very dark week or so. It turns out that Go Fish and Old Maid are perfect games for six year olds. I remember playing Old Maid for hours by myself when I was a kid. Sorting and rearranging the cards into assorted types of piles, and betting with myself where the Old Maid would be. Exactly the sort of thing Phillip likes to do. He's so excited to be done school for the summer.
And a little bit more peony loveliness for you. I'm especially excited that they're blooming because I picked up the near-dead plant at the end of the season three years ago for a dollar or so, and we've been waiting ever since for something to happen. Adam almost gave up and mowed it down last summer, but I'm so glad he didn't. It's a good thing I'm bringing them inside, because the weather hasn't been cooperating very well for enjoying them outside.
One brighter day I took yet another picture of this corner in the dining room. I found the plant pot and saucer (there's a better picture of it here, but the green is softer than it appears) at Value Village. They're just right.

Happy, happy Canada Day! (You came to mind, Teresa!) A few Canuckian things I'm enjoying today:
- Butter tarts. This recipe looks gooood. (I prefer pecans to raisins.)
- Jian. Oh, Jian.
- Frenchy's
- Red Rose tea.

Enjoy the day, rain or not. Happy Canada Day!

Edited to add: And how could I have possibly forgotten my all-time favourite - The Log Driver's Waltz!


  1. Sherrie, just back off of Jian....he's mine....all mine....if only in my dreams!

    1. We can share - I'll just take him on weekends. :)

    2. I love your index idea, and it's something that's been suggested before - I'm just not sure how to go about it. It would be a time consuming project, methinks, but I may be able to find a quicker way. If you're looking for something particular in the meantime, though, you can just use the search bar in the upper left. I've also been thinking about doing some reposts of good stuff from the past that people may have missed or forgotten. Thanks for the suggestion!


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