july 31

Oh, summer. I love you.

The boys and I spent the afternoon at the beach today, since the sun finally came out, and we had friends to visit and play with. There's no better way to exhaust my boys than to let them loose at the beach for a few hours. We had a lovely time, and I even had a sweet visit with some friends who we met up with. There's nothing like the seeming unlimited expanse of a summer afternoon at the beach.

We're having our first cookout and campfire at the camp tomorrow, now that it's finally clean and inhabitable. I think I'm more excited than the boys. In fact, I know that I am. And I'm hoping to spend some time in August just enjoying it. I'm just so thankful that the boys have this space to explore and love and grow up in. A local woodworker is building a couple of tree swings for us, and I can't wait to find the perfect branches to hang them from.

Speaking of planning, we are making some fun ones for our forever home. Oh, the dreams in this mind of mine!

I hope that you're having a week full of hopeful expectation, too. And some relaxing beachiness, for good measure.

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  1. Cannot wait to share in your dreams. I'm excited for you.


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