In my job as an itinerant teacher of students with visual impairments (I know - it's the best job!) I get to travel all over this end of my beautiful province. And recently, I've needed to take a ferry (!) to visit a student. The ride only lasts a few minutes, but it's lovely. One day, I'm going to take my camera and squeeze in a few minutes for some more scenic pictures. In the meantime, these are ones I took last week.

We're going to get our Christmas tree this afternoon, and the boys are very excited. We've started their advent calendars (nothing wrong with chocolate before breakfast!), and I found an advent candle from Natural in Japan's shop that we love.

The boys just arrived home after a little walk, and the oven's beeping - oatcakes are coming out post haste. Hope you're having a lovely Sunday.

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  1. I can't wait to see photos of your tree! I put our (artificial) tree up this past weekend. I totally love the sparkly ornaments and lights; I missed it last year when I was too tired to get the tree up.

    We've not had a real tree since one of them about killed our built-in vacuum the year we moved into this house. :}


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