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An adorable someone helped me to make a batch of Snickerdoodles today. (He always sticks his tongue out like that when he's concentrating. I love it.) They're my favourite cookie for a few reasons: 1) they're delicious 2) they're super quick and easy to make 3) you probably have everything necessary to make them in your kitchen right now.

The recipe I use is a Martha one; you can find it here.
If you're looking for some other delicious, easy cookies to make and share, you might want to try one of these recipes:

Cranberry Shortbreads. Always a huge hit.

Pecan Logs. Pecans. Icing sugar. Butter. Yum.

Thumbprint Cookies. A handy way to use up some of the jam or jelly in your cupboard! Kids seem to especially love these ones.

Speaking of cookies, here's a beautiful video that Adam made of Phillip making Valentine's cookies, when he was three. So cute! (You'll see that he was sticking out his tongue then, too.)

May there be cookies in your weekend plans!

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  1. I made my first ever batch of snickerdoodles a couple of weeks ago. My kids enjoyed it but I think I prefer shortbreads. :}

    I also love the way P sticks his tongue out when he's concentrating; I miss that stage of my kids' lives when they were still round-faces and are so cute I just wanna squeeze them in a big bear hug.


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